Belize packing list

You don't need much in Belize since it's not cold. There's no snow here, but the UV index is high and there can be rain.

Here's what I personally recommend you bring:

  1. Eco-friendly sunscreen - even though vitamin D is important, UV levels are high during the dry season so apply sunscreen regularly.
  2. Deet-free eco-friendly mosquito repellent - rainy season brings mosquitos and sand flies. If you can, buy a natural repellent made for Belize bugs.
  3. Basic flip flops - it's hot here, so give your toes some breathing room and let it feel the soil, the sand and salt water.

It's as simple as that! You don't need a fancy backpack or anything expensive. Just bring breathable and light-colored clothing to counter the sun and heat. Less is more.

Backpacking Belize on a budget

  1. Use public wifi - most local banks offer complimentary wifi and water. Certain parks also offer public wifi.
  2. Travel during low season - most hotels/hostels have two rates: high and low season rates with low season slashing prices by 30% to 50%.
  3. Fly to Cancun instead - flying directly to Belize can be very expensive. Try flying to Cancun and then going down to Belize by bus to save a cash.
  4. Ask before paying - before entering a taxi, ask how much they charge before accepting the ride.
  5. Travel with a friend - renting cabins or guest houses also lower prices so travel with a friend. Tour companies give discounts for larger groups so bring hostel friends along.
  6. Ask locals to buy your ticket - most services and park entrances have cheaper prices for locals so ask someone to buy your ticket for half the price.
  7. Hitchhike around the country - the locals are friendly and the roads are friendlier which makes hitchhiking in Belize so bloody easy.
  8. Couchsurf with locals - after couchsurfing for four years, I can confirm that it's the cheapest and one of the most authentic ways to travel.

How to stay safe in Belize

  1. Blend in and dress humbly - locals perceive flashy people as wealthy people so try not to stand out.
  2. Don't show too much skin - women are often catcalled, so it's best to cover up in non-touristy places.
  3. Ask a local for help - if you're unsure about a location, ask a local for help and make a new friend.
  4. Follow your instincts - if you don't feel comfortable in a situation, just say no and walk away.

Random tips from a Belizean local

  1. Watch out for speed bumps - unfortunately they aren't labelled properly here, so keep your eyes peeled.
  2. Drive with caution - being a 3rd world country means we have a lot of potholes and dirt roads.
  3. Avoid travelling on Sundays - public transport is not the best and even worse on Sundays.