Sustainable travel tips

If traveling more consciously and sustainably is your style, try some of my personal recommendations:

  1. Re-useable bag - say no to plastic bags and carry your own. Vendors love people with their own bags.
  2. Reusable utensil bag - single use plastic sucks so carry your own bamboo set. Remember to say no to plastic straws!
  3. Collapsible plate - no more styrofoam plates with this re-usable plate. It even doubles as a cutting board.
  4. Water bottle - water isn't drinkable in Belize, but you can refill at hostels, banks or just use it for your natural juices.

That's it! Simple steps make a big difference. Remember we can't really throw garbage out, it still stays on planet earth so just re-use and practice zero waste whenever you can.

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