1. Secret to life Third eye sprouted
  2. I fcking love mountains Enjoying my new surroundings
  3. Imagined Reality A commentary on Sapiens
  4. The Egg Reflecting on old stories
  5. Spirituality Describing what cannot be described
  6. Text enlightened me Started a spiritual journey
  7. Adjusting to reality Thinking about living in a mountain
  8. Pupusas No pictures this time
  9. Unnatural State A dream collector shares insight
  10. White Bear Playing tricks on the brain
  11. Happy Crying Feeling extra grateful
  12. Perception Glasses Looking through a different pair of lenses
  13. Law of attraction It works. Period.
  14. Enjoy the apple Internal battle with my ego
  15. No social media Choosing not to play the dopamine game
  16. Perfection vs flow The middle way, yet again
  17. Be like water Reflecting on a quote by Bruce Lee
  18. Watching people die A dark confession to make
  19. Hitchhiking to Blue Hole National Park Taking a hitchhiking trip with three friends
  20. Backpacking Costa Rica Attending a hippie festival
  21. Backpacking trip 2018 Big life decisions and reasons for taking them
  22. Setting a frog free Developing a strong dislike for plastic
  23. Context is everything Meeting a strange German girl
  24. Drugs and the universe Using THC like Ayahuasca
  25. Middle Way Finding my place in this reality
  26. Backpacking trip update A breakdown of nomad life 2018
  27. Love my ego Embracing the illusion
  28. Life Pendulum A little French insight
  29. Living with the Mayas Breaking into a ruin at night
  30. Favorite question to ask I love asking: what does it mean to you?
  31. Met an Instagrammer Rewiring my opinions
  32. Authenticity Wins Setting a foundation for values
  33. Attachments Exist A stark reality hits me about the existence of attachments
  34. Makeup artist Fascination with this weird guy
  35. Deep Connections How I came to be fascinated by this
  36. No seas melancólico A little reminder from my Costa Rican friend
  37. Harmonious life shift Reflecting on personal changes
  38. Finally left Belize First stop is the USA
  39. Back from the dead Giving you quick update of my life
  40. Shrooms Doing psychedelics for the first time
  41. Stealing Bread Living on the streets made me appreciate food
  42. Hitchhiking from Tijuana, Mexico I start my long road down the country
  43. Hitchhiking to Puerto Peñasco First time not getting a hitchhiking ride
  44. Punched in the face Laughing in denial after getting smacked
  45. Hitchhiking with convicts Meeting a fisherman with a $5000 black pearl
  46. Mugged at knife point Learning some harsh lessons
  47. Hitchhiking to Los Mochis, Mexico Got to meet a guy that knows how to fight
  48. Still Traumatized Scared to start hitchhiking again
  49. Hitchhiking with a French girl Figuring out my travel companion compatibility
  50. Hitchhiking to Mazatlan, Mexico Meeting a new French travel
  51. Machismo in Mexico Understanding masculine energy while playing football
  52. Hitchhiking with a porn addict He literally watched porn in front of me lol
  53. Hitchhiking to Sayulita, Mexico Joined by a French travel partner
  54. Facing Traumas Figuring out some deep problems
  55. Hitchhiking to Guadalajara, Mexico Met the strangest people on the way
  56. Hitchhiking to León, Mexico They asked me if I had drugs or guns on me
  57. Hitchhiking an 18 wheeler Almost died riding behind a big ass truck
  58. Naked with gay men Tricked into taking off my clothes
  59. Beautiful Attachment Some massive attraction happening here
  60. Vipassana Retreat in Mexico Experiencing my first ever meditation retreat
  61. Confused but relaxed Figuring out my next move
  62. Tired of Mexico Contemplating leaving Mexico
  63. Weird couchsurfing experiences My top weird stories after a year of staying with couchsurfing hosts
  64. Hitchhiking is boring now Why is it not interesting anymore?
  65. Favorite Mexican City Exploring Orizaba, Veracruz
  66. Slept at Colombian airport Could not find a host so I had to sleep where I landed
  67. Tantric Sex A powerful connection and experience
  68. Living on the streets Getting to know the homeless community in California
  69. Switched to a vegan diet Finally committed to being 100% plant-based
  70. Couchsurfing sucks in Bogotá Not able to find a single host in the capital of Colombia
  71. Solo felicidad reconoce felizidad It means it takes happiness to recognize happiness
  72. Landslide in Jerico A movie-like experience
  73. Spending energy wisely Deciding when to get involved
  74. Life Values Establish strong values
  75. Closing an open mind A little more awareness
  76. Natural Curiosity Regaining my natural essence
  77. Goodbye Jericó One of my favorite villages in Colombia
  78. Collective Trauma Experiencing trauma with the locals in Cali
  79. Not in harmony A common theme during my travels
  80. Colombian Programming My thoughts on how Colombians think
  81. Dancing salsa with friends Good time with friends at a hostel in Cali
  82. Kicked out of Workaway I was too lazy to work?
  83. Learning salsa in Cali Finally learning how to dance
  84. Colombian Girlfriend Finally got a partner from the country?
  85. Almost quit traveling Sadly I need resources needed to continue my big trip
  86. Flow and goals Looking back at stuff accomplished this year
  87. Obsessed till disconnected Doing too much is not the answer
  88. 2020 Philosophy Setting some goals this year
  89. Law of attraction revisited A look back at the famous law
  90. Tantra yet again Experiencing the magic once more
  91. Finally arrived Ecuador Arriving a fresh new country and excited to explore
  92. No plan, good plan Flowing with my feelings
  93. Connection or Attachment Narrowing down the differences in feelings
  94. Why I travel Reflecting on my travel motivations
  95. Perfectly imperfect connection My experience with an Ecuadorian girl
  96. Kicked out of Vipassana Early end to my spiritual retreat
  97. No me estás alimentando Reflecting while being stuck
  98. Quarantined in Lima Reflecting while being stuck
  99. Love the pandemic Silver lining of the virus situation
  100. 2020 Predictions My theories for how this year will play out
  101. Brazil or go home Deciding to keep traveling or go back home
  102. Lucid Dreaming New healthy habits
  103. Birthday in Peru Completed 1/3 of this life experience
  104. Ability to reset Getting back to a centered place
  105. Website Revamp Migrating from wordpress to static
  106. Hopping two borders illegally Almost got shot for telling the truth
  107. New year, no goals What is the point of having goals anyway?
  108. 2021 Goals: Macro & Micro Setting some long term goals for 2021