1. cacao fruit hanging off tree

    9 Exotic Fruits of Belize & How Locals Eat Them

    Taste new fruits in Belize and learn how to eat them like the locals.

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  2. gold standard hotel not mandatory

    Are gold standard hotels mandatory in Belize?

    Find out why gold standard hotels are not obligatory as falsely advertised.

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  3. woman on canoe in belize

    Sustainable travel in Belize

    Tips to travel more sustainably and counsciously.

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  4. hand drawn belize flag

    What Makes Belize So Unique? (Hint: Coconut)

    Belize is a tiny country with caribbean influence, strange history, and rich flora & fauna.

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  5. sign with belizean kriole language

    Belize Has No Official Language: Rant From a Local

    Explaining what the people actually speak in the country and why.

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  6. view of rainforest from pickup truck on highway

    Hitchhiking In Belize Is Easy (Expert Tips)

    Personal experience hitchhiking around the country.

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  7. boy hopping fence

    Hopping two borders illegally

    Almost got shot for telling the truth.

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  8. backpack with country badges

    How to travel the world with almost no money

    Tips for starting your next big backpacking trip.

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  9. couple standing by foodstand

    Budget travel tips for couples

    Money saving tips for you and your partner.

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  10. website mockup drawing

    Website Revamp

    Migrating from wordpress to static

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  11. pedestrian ramp button

    Ability to reset

    Getting back to a centered place

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  12. miraflores coast in lima peru

    Birthday in Peru

    Completed 1/3 of this life experience

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